Cashflow, Confidence & Clients


I work with amazing women in business, like you. The problem is you have difficulties managing your cash (the numbers scare you!), struggle to find and attract new clients consistently, and feel like your lack of true confidence is holding you back from the consistent success you crave.

The thought of staying stuck for another 6 months scares you. You need to make this business more successful, not just for you but for your family too.

Cash, Confidence & Clients will give you both the practical and mindset tools to create a secure and stable base for growing a more consistently PROFITABLE business and CONFIDENT you!

Do you?

Bury your head in the sand when it comes to your cashflow?

Feel like you are spending more than you have coming in each month?

Feel like your lack of true confidence is holding you back?

Struggle to speak to clients whether in person or on the phone?

Wish the ground would swallow you up when you have to chase late payments or unpaid invoices?

Keep giving discounts or working for free?

Struggle to find and attract new clients consistently?

Any of that
sound like you?

Like lots of the women I work with, you’ve probably realised that your lack of confidence is a major barrier to you showing up and getting more clients and ignoring the cashflow in your business is not going to get you to the successful business you dream of. You are fed up of constantly worrying what others think about you and your business.

Imagine going from lacking confidence in your numbers, in yourself and in how to find clients to taking power back over your finances, confidently putting yourself out there and knowing clearly how to find and attract more clients?


Knowing how to find a steady stream of clients with ease?

What would it mean to you to have more clients and more income for your family?

Feeling confident and comfortable networking and having calls with potential clients?

What understanding and boosting your cashflow do for your business?

How many more people you could help if you felt confident enough to put yourself out there AND knew what action to take to attract more clients?

These are the exact results from clients who once felt the same way you do around not having confidence in themselves, their cashflow or their client attraction strategies.

That’s where my Cashflow, Confidence & Clients course can change your business and your life, taking you from feeling like a failure to believing you are confident successful business woman.


Cashflow, Confidence & Clients is a 28 day self study course broken down into 4 powerful modules to help you create the right foundations to boost your business success in these essential three areas.

This includes powerful subconscious advanced hypnotherapy work to help unlock the natural confidence you were born with and bring that into your business today.

But it doesn’t end there. You get swipe files for my favourite tools I have used to help me take control over my finances, boost my confidence and attract more clients too!

What would life be like if you ...

1000% believe you are enough and stopped judging yourself and worrying what others think.

Could find a steady stream of leads and potential clients with ease

Felt comfortable and confident networking and talking to clients

Understood your money situation and knew what to do to improve your cashflow

Trusted in your decisions instead of constantly doubting yourself

Confidently follow up on previous leads, missed payments and invoices with tried and tested templates.

Unlike other online courses, this course addresses the mindset AND the practical side of boosting your Cash, Confidence & Clients.

You will not only attract more CLIENTS and make more PROFIT in your business, you will notice an impact on your CONFIDENCE that ripples out into every area of life too.

client results...

“After weeks of no sales I have just had my best ever week! 5 sales and just under 2k!”


“Despite already having a successful six figure business I felt held back in regards to my confidence in some areas of business. I wanted to work with Natasha to help take my business to the next level. After 28 days I felt so much more confident in myself with clients and other professionals. After the  session my productivity soared and I was doing things in my business I had been putting off for years, my average sale increased by over £300 and I was selling high priced packages with ease. I feel comfortable and confident on the phone and in person, and finally feel confident and comfortable promoting myself. As a bonus I noticed improvements in my personal life too!”


“This has given me the confidence to keep going and keep showing up. I've been going live despite being in the pandemic and have 2 new women signed up to my programme”


“I'd highly recommend working with Natasha. I had confidence issues and self-limiting beliefs around not being good enough. I'm honest, I never had hypnosis or anything else like that done and I was sceptical to say the least. Since having completed the 28 day course I've been feeling a lot more confident, wearing dresses which I didn't do before, feeling like I'm worth more and it even helped me deal with a family relationship. Generally I'm a lot more excited about the future as I don't feel like I'm holding myself back anymore by limiting my beliefs.”


"Working with Natasha is life changing. You won’t realise how many different aspects of life the changes will take place. I wanted to focus on confidence as I had an issue with using the phone. I have seen changes when I am driving, doing the school run, work, cooking dinner, talking to clients. I feel so much better about myself. If you have anything that you feel is holding you back get in touch with Natasha, you won’t regret it.” 


"During this course I created to powerful courses for my clients (I usually only work 1:1) and already have 5 pre-sales. My confidence is going up and I am showing up as my best self and not accepting anything less of myself or from others."


hello I’m Natasha


Incase you haven't heard of me, here is why I am qualified to help you achieve the freedom, success and transformation you crave. I have over 14 years experience coaching people to create positive transformation in their lives. I have helped thousands of women learn to love and believe in themselves and experience rapid transformation in all areas of their lives and businesses. I have master's level qualifications in psychology, behaviour change and social work as well as hypnotherapy.

My life and business changed dramatically when I added subconscious mindset work to my tools. My approach to transformation works on 4 levels of healing, Success Imprinting™ and organic marketing strategies I personally used to dramatically explode success. I am so grateful I get to pass this knowledge and transformation onto my clients too.



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